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Sand Repellant Beach Mat

Sand Repellant Beach Mat

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Stay Dry & Sand Free This Summer.

The Sand Repellant Beach Mat was designed specifically for the beach. Eliminates the headache of having to drive home and unpack a wet mat/towel filled with sand.


Sand Proof.

The Sand Repellant Beach Mat is designed with durable ripstop nylon that prevents sand from sticking. Just give your mat a quick shake and watch all the sand fall off in seconds

Quick Drying, Water Absorbent.

The fibers designed in our beach mat, soak up water and moisture keeping you and the items left on the mat dry.

Portable & Convenient Design.

The Sand Repellant Beach Mat is extremely durable, lightweight & folds into a small carry bag (Included with the order) it's easy and quick to sweep sand off, wash, and dry.

Our Guarantees:

- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

- 7-10 Business Day Delivery Time

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