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Pheromone Solid Perfume Balm

Pheromone Solid Perfume Balm

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🌸 Scents 🌸

- Baby Girl: Sweet fruity scent; sultry intention, suitable for dating, leaving a strong impression for Him.
- Dirty Words: Strong scented and playful characteristics.
- Dream dispenser: Strong fruity fragrance with a feeling of warm friendship.
- Falling Galaxy: Smell of love;. Like the kiss during winter by the fireplace.
- Milk Candy: Natural dried orange scent; A scent of clean and refreshing, suitable for any gender.

- Only You: Scent of freshly cut Grapefruit. Endless release of fresh fragrance. Energetic and exciting.
- Orange Soda: Pure orange soda. Clean & refreshing, suitable for any gender.
- Peach Girl: Peach fragrance, sweet and soft. A feeling of falling in love.
- Pure Milk:  Mixture of sweet & milky scent. Pure & Fresh.
- Treasure Guy: Soft man's fragrance. A gentle and polite scent, represents the treasure you are to Him.

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