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The Perfect Eyebrow Stamp

The Perfect Eyebrow Stamp

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No more embarrassing patches or subtle shading. Say hello to the gorgeous brows you’ve always wanted.

An easy way to shape your brows, this Perfect Brow Stamp Shaping Kit is specially designed to quickly give you the flawless unibrow look in seconds. Created out of pure necessity, it’s all you need to achieve the perfect brows in a breeze.

No matter your level of makeup expertise, this kit has an exceptional formula that fills, shapes, and maintains your brows, leaving you with an effortlessly put-together look.


The quick fix will have your eyebrows looking amazing in no time at all! We took the guesswork out of eyebrow application with our custom stencils, so you get the exact shape you want.

The Brow Fixx | Brow Stamp and Stencil Kit
The Brow Stamp kit is a revolutionary makeup product that fills in your eyebrows flawlessly every time. We include multiple stencils that give you the ability to create just the right shape for your face. Your eyebrows will look fabulous, whether you use the stamp to fill them in or use it to correct any hairlines you might have.



  • Stamp and go

    Finally a solution to those thin and light eyebrows! Turn your makeup routine from time-consuming to time-saving with this eyebrow stamp kit. You just need to pick the right stamp that matches your natural brow shape, stamp the amount you want, and voila! Fuller, beautiful brows in just a few touches!


  • Long-lasting wear

    Get your eyebrows on fleek with our Perfect Eyebrow Stamp Shaping Kit that sculpts and shapes brows perfectly every time! The brow stamp is a full-pigment, water-resistant eyebrow powder that will complete your eyebrow goals. In addition to the blendable formula, this product leaves a matte finish that does not smudge or fade, even if worn for hours on end.


  • Multifunctionality

    This 2-in-1 Brow Stamp will help you finally say goodbye to scaly eyebrows and embarrassing patches! By using this convenient tool, you can not only draw professional-quality eyebrows but also apply a subtle shape to your hairline, creating a sleeker look that is sure to turn heads!


  • Complete kit

    You’ll never need to use another eyebrow tool again. With four different colour options, one spoolie brush, as well as ten different shaped stencils, this Perfect Eyebrow Stamp Shaping Kit will completely revolutionize the way you do your brows. It's your secret weapon for gorgeously flawless eyebrows.

    Package Includes:

    • 1 Eyebrow Stamp
    • 1 Eyebrow Brush
    • 10 Eyebrow Cards

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