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Venom Pherume

Venom Pherume

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Take control over anyone

Get ready for them to fall Head Over Heels with this flirty-infused perfume.

It is not just a perfume but also contains Attractant oil. Your body produces it naturally and our perfume helps you double your attractant agents amount.

The Venom Perfume

More Attention😍

Our  Perfume includes biological attraction agents, which means more attention from your partner/guys.

Smell Like Heaven🤤

The key to your partners/crushes heart. They'll ask you what you are wearing.

Increased Confidence

Look good, feel good, go into 2022 with a new and improved you!

is this scented or unscented?

-It's lightly scented

Is there a version of this for men?

-Yes, there are two variants on the list.

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