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Digital Alarm Clock Projector

Digital Alarm Clock Projector

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Our digital projection alarm clock has an adjustable angle of 180° to project ultra-clear time for your wall or ceiling. Simply lie in bed to fully check the clear display. With its stylish compact design and modest size, this clock radio is perfect for a bedside table, desk, bedroom, office, living room, or kitchen.

The LED mirror clock also features an HD projection with 180-degree rotation, which projects the time up to a distance of 5m. The device displays time, temperature, humidity, radio, and alarm settings and can also be used as a vanity mirror by simply switching off the brightness function.


  • TIME PROJECTION AND BRIGHTNESS DIMMER: The projection alarm clock projects time on the wall in a soft red light, which you can clearly see the time but will not disturb your sleep. At the same time, our clock is equipped with a high sensitivity sensor, which can adjust the display brightness according to the environment and turn on the night mode to avoid irritating light.

  • RADIO FUNCTION: The FM radio alarm clock can automatically search, lock, and store an unlimited number of stations within 76-108 MHz for your quick and easy use. Adopting the auto-off function allows you to set a 5 to 90 minutes sleep timer and it will turn off automatically after the specified timer.

  • ULTRA PROJECTION DISPLAY: The projector can be rotated to easily project the clear time onto your wall or ceiling, set to the angle, and seen. Compared to traditional alarm clocks, you can easily know the time without getting up.

  • DOUBLE ALARM WITH SNOOZE FUNCTION: The digital alarm clock supports dual alarms, so if you and your partner or child wake up at different times, two separate alarm times can be set at the same time. You can select the default buzzer or radio station as the alarm tone. The snooze function allows you to sleep for an additional 5 to 60 minutes, with a standard snooze time of 5 minutes.

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